5axis marble granite cnc bridge saw swing stone cutting polishing carving slab machine

Short Description:

UBO B500 is the new generation multi-function processing cnc bridge cutting machine which is associated to be designed and manufactured. With pattern operation and advanced control system and synchronous CNC control system(UBOCNC self develop touch system), the machine can be easily operated easily without knowing complicated CNC knowledge.

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Feature Of Machine

1. thickness welding body structure,Aging quenching treatment effectively prevents deformation of the bed.

2. With advanced UBOCNC self develop 15in HD Touch operation control system and all pattern operation, the machine can be operated without professional operators.

3. With powerful motor, the machine can work in much more efficient.

4. With less electricity and more efficiency, the cost is decreased much.

5. High quality accessories and electric parts are used to secure long service life and low cost. 

6. intelligent processing cross-border protection, to prevent the mechanical impact due to excessive design documents processing. 

7. Diversity control can separately control the processing speed, idling speed, cutting speed, greatly improving the quality of speed, greatly improving the quality of speed, greatly improving the quality of processed product and processing efficiency.


1.Full automatic UBOCNC 5axis CNC bridge cutting machine, multi language conversion, table processing by one machine, x-y-z-a-b five axis linkage, more widely used, simple operation and stronger practicability.

Multi-functions used: cutting, chamfering, edge grinding, slotting, drilling, circular arc and other special-shaped processing.

Main Configuration

Model US-B3020
Programming method 1 CAD image input & Manual programming
Control method CNC
Power 7.5KW (optional 11KW)
Working voltage 380V 3phase (customized)
R.P.M 1000-6000r/min
Blade size 350-500mm
X-axis working stroke 3000mm
Y-axis working stroke 2000mm
Z-axis working stroke 400mm
A-axis working stroke 360° free rotation
B-axis working stroke Auto 0-90 degree chamfer
X/Y-axis cutting speed 1-2000mm/min
Z-axis cutting speed 1-1000mm/min
A cutting speed 0-10m/min
Cutting thickness 200mm
Processing precision 0.2mm
Working table size 3800x2300mm
Overall size 6307*4925*3414mm
Weight 6700KG

Machine Details & Configuration:


5axis25215axis2522 5axis2525
Self-developed friendly 15 in touch screen man-machine interface, convenient for manual direct input of instructions. With the use of wireless handwheel, the maneuverability is stronger. It can improve work efficiency and human-computer interaction is more comfortable. Camera function--positioning&typesetting
5axis2840 5axis2851
Sucker moving slab system Auto measuring blade diameter
5axis2912 5axis2914
Auto measuring slab thickness                  Auto chamfer and powerful motor
5axis2997 5axis2999
The machine head can be tilted 45 degrees, which is more convenient for cutting arc angles. The machine head can be rotated 360 degrees, making it easier to cut arcs and circles.
5axis3182 5axis3184
Knives can be installed, which is convenient for edge grinding and polishing, truly achieving multiple functions in one machine. The universal outlet pipe can be rotated in any angle and direction. Effectively cool tools and saw blades.
5axis3425 5axis3427
Powerful motor ,can improve the efficient Dustproof and waterproof design, effectively reducing pollution in the workshop
5axis3553 5axis3555
The dust-proof design of the guide rail rack effectively reduces dust pollution, improves the accuracy of operation, and can also increase the service life of the machine. Powerful servo motor and high accuracy reducer
foot pedalThe tilting table top can be tilted up to 87 degrees, which is more convenient and fast for loading and unloading.
5axis3910 5axis3912
Pneumatic ball table and universal wheels can better help the plate move on the table, which not only saves effort, but also improves efficiency. Auto oiling system
5axis4081 5axis4083
The red light positioning system makes it more convenient and intuitive to perceive the processing location and path.

Technical staff


Packaging Photo


 - Nude with Plastic Film and Wire Fixing

- 20GP Load 1 Set

- Qingdao Port Shipment

- 2 Year Warranty

- OEM&ODM Available

- Assemble Tools Included

- Spare Parts Available

Workshop Photo





Packaging Details

1. Outside package: Standard marine export plywood case.

2. Inner package: Three layers in total; EPE pearl cotton film+PE stretchy film.

Improved package, much more strong and environmental protection.

We can also make package according to your requests.

Delivery Detail: Shipped in 20-30 working days after payment.


Q1: How can I get an accurate price?

Please tell us your cutting material and the working size.

Q2: How is your after sales service?

Our sales are online for 24-hours. We can also supply overseas install service. Also we have more than 10 countries warehouse and department.

Q3: How long is the delivery time?

Generally 15 ~ 25 working days.

Q4: Can I get a machine according to my own requirements?

Sure.We accept OEM and ODM

Q5: If my machine is broken. Can you repair it for me?

Yes. We have free traning online. If there is big trouble with your machine in the warrenty time, we can repair it.

Q6: How is the quality of your machine?

Our machine adopts heavy lathe bed, and each part is processed by CNC machining center, which greatly improves the accuracy of machine operation.

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