CO2 Laser engraving cutting machine adjust focus methods

CO2 Laser engraving cutting machine adjust focus methods

Effective carvings require small laser lights and concentrated power concentrations. Only with these two conditions can we ensure the accuracy and depth of the carving. When the laser beam is shot from the laser, the diameter is about 3 mm, the power density is low, and it cannot be carved. After the focusing mirror focuses, the beam at the focus is thinner, with a diameter of about 0.1 mm. Therefore, fixing the plane to the focus of the focusing mirror is the prerequisite for successful carving.



Simple adjust focus

Focusing the mirror installed in the lens barrel, and then loosen the lock screws on the pen -style laser head clamping block.

When adjusting the focal length, place the processing material on the workbench, and then place the focus block on the surface of the proxy material. First release the lock screws on the pen -style laser head clamping block, move the lens barrel up and down, so that the lower surface of the focusing lens barrel is affixed to the glass block. At this time, the surface of the co -material is located on the coke plane. The root cause needs to adjust the focus height, and then tighten the lock screw.


Complicated adjust focus

The focal length is determined by the focusing mirror. The focal length of different focus mirrors will be slightly deviated. Therefore, when replacing a new focusing mirror, the position of the focusing lens barrel should be adjusted. The specific method is as follows:

Step 1: Press the “high -voltage switch” and then press “Manual Light” to adjust the size of the laser output current is about 5 mA, and lift the “manual light”. Lock the screw, and the processed material is 8mm.

Step 2: Find the focus.

1. Put the organic glass on the workbench, and the tilt angle on the side and the surface of the workbench is about 50-60 degrees.

2. Use the mobile button on the white surface to move the focusing mirror to the appropriate position above the organic glass.

3. While pressing “Manual Light”, let the focusing mirror move along X to move, so that the laser is pulled out of a thick and thick line in the middle of the two heads on the transparent organic glass. Then raise “manual light”. The detailed place on the line is the focus position.

Step 3: Measure the distance from the surface under the lens barrel with a little more.

Post time: Nov-19-2022